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June 2012



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Sometimes I wish I didn't give a shit about politics.

Especially in Israel.

Politics are, understandably, even more divisive here than in America.

Listen, as far as the Arab-Israeli conflict is concerned, I'll be honest - I'm still in the process of educating myself about it to see what I honestly think should be done and what I support. I'm hesitant to make strong statements until I feel like I know what I'm talking about and can back up whatever I say.

But Israel has done and is doing some spectacularly shitty things to the Palestinians. That's an objective fact. And a few of my friends in the Rothberg program got into a Facebook argument recently - my friend posted, without comment, an article about Palestinian children that Israel has taken hostage. The rabid Zionists in the program jumped down her throat and said all sorts of awful things, and then one of them said - and I quote -

"Israel has never committed any atrocities against the Palestinians."

What the fuck?! That's just OBJECTIVELY UNTRUE. I couldn't even believe it. This dude grates on my nerves pretty much constantly; in his eyes Israel can do no wrong and he's constantly posting about its achievements with commentary like "It's an honor to live in such a great country!" Dudebro, you can support a country without thinking everything about it is amazing and everyone in it shits gold. You're allowed to criticize. You should fucking criticize.


Besides that. I've booked my ticket back home - December 29. My semester doesn't actually end until January 3, but flight availability was very limited and I also want to be getting back to home and Oberlin. So I need to finish my finals a week before everyone else - whatever, I'll deal. If a genie appeared right now and told me "Here's a plane ticket, you can go home now," I'd turn them down. I am enjoying it here and, more importantly, I feel there's a lot I still need to experience before I leave. But I will be more than ready to go when the time comes. There's other stuff I want to talk about but I have class in half an hour and I gotta make the 20-minute uphill trek to campus. FUN!


At the recent wedding I attended, I accidentally sat on the Right end of the table, and spent the reception trying not to burst. My seat-mates discussed such classics as:

"Undocumented workers: are they human and/or deserving of human rights?"

"Less Government Good, No Government Best."

"Income Inequality: No Problems With That!"

"Poor people are happier this way!"

I took a seminar with Ben Schiff about the Israel-Palestine conflict - if he offers another class on the subject before you graduate, you should consider taking it. Or just go to his office hours and chat with him.

I also find knee-jerk supporters of the Israeli government/military frustrating, but emotions run so high on the subject (and also I am not Jewish, and don't have the perspective of having a connection to the place, dealing with anti-Semitism, etc.) that it's sort of tricky to speak up.