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June 2012



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Amy/Rory -- kiss

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

In "Rocket Over Russia," I am an uptight, bitchy, controlling psychotherapist. (But what about the improv?) Nobody else in the crew ever wants to talk to me because all I do is insult them. And then I wonder why no one ever comes in to see me.

In the context of the show, I've been devoting a lot of my time to trying to get the pilot, James, to come in for a session. Not because I want to talk to him - I hate him - just because I'm that much of a pathological control freak. But he despises me with every fiber of his being.

In the episode last night, I badgered James for a while, then resorted to saying I didn't want to talk to him after all as he's obviously incredibly uninteresting and I prefer a challenge in my job. He got pissed off and stepped very close to me. (Which got a good laugh because he is more than a foot taller than I am.) "You want to know how I feel?" he asked. Lights out.

A few scenes later, both of us wander back on stage, very obviously post-sex, completely disheveled. My hair is a mess, a strap on his uniform has fallen down. We look at each other, reaffirm our mutual hatred, and go our separate ways. It was fantastic.

The director (who is also my boyfriend, so make of this what you will) had the brilliant idea that before we went onstage for the scene, huhammers should give me a wicked hickey backstage. Just to add to the effect. We didn't have much time, so when the scene was called, Hana went to town on my neck. Unfortunately, I don't bruise easily, so even though she was biting and sucking as hard as possible, it didn't leave much of a mark when I went on stage.

Apparently it just needed some time to blossom, though, because by the time I got home...

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It was fucking swollen. I think she's rabid.

Also, Sophie and I keep a whiteboard on our door for message purposes, and to let people know where we are at any given time. Recently, I left a blank space under "Carolyn is..." and someone filled in "FUCKING AWESOME."

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It's midterm week. I hate everything. The end.